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    Lanhong and ABB
        ABB is a global leader in power and automation technologies. Their solutions improve the efficiency, productivity and quality of customers’ operations while minimizing environmental impact. Innovation is at the forefront of what they do and many of the technologies that drive modern society were pioneered by ABB.

        Lanhong is the professional manufacturer in the field of Chinese vacuum power and new energy equipment technology. It is an important part of Lanhong to develop the long-term friendly and cooperative relationship with ABB over the years.

    Cooperation Agreement between ABB and Lanhong

    Cooperation Products
    ABB signatory
    Dec. 2003
    ABB Switzerland Technology Co., Ltd. signed License Agreement with Lanhong,
    Wuxi Lanhong is the only cooperative factory of medium voltage technology transfer in North Asia
    Indoor load breaking switch
    – Type C4 and NAL
      Mr.Bernd Muehe
    (head of ABB Power Products Division, North Asia Region and China);

    Ge Cai
    (vice president of Investment Department);

    Yi Cao
    (MV product sales director of ABB China)
    ABB (China) Ltd. and Wuxi Lanhong come to an agreement on the trademark sub-licence.

    ABB will provide necessary technical support for Lanhong’s vacuum contactor manufacture. ABB offers the interrupter of the contactor which is German-made and world-leading for the cooperated production of vacuum contactor.
    Vacuum contactor
    Chunyuan Gu
    (Head of ABB North Asia and China, CEO of ABB China Limited)
    Major cooperation projects

    Overview of cooperative projects
    Lanhong provides Poland ABB with transmission mechanism of switch disconnector.
    Lanhong provides ABB Xiamen Electric Control Equipment Co., Ltd with IEC 17.5kV NAL switch disconnector.
    Lanhong provides technology center of ABB (China) with GB 3kV vacuum contactor.
    Lanhong provides ABB Xi’an Power Capacitor Co., Ltd with GB 12kV NAL switch disconnector.
    Lanhong provides Beijing ABB Drive System Limited with GB 12kV high voltage switchboard.
    Lanhong provides Poland ABB with GB 40.5kV switch disconnector.
    Lanhong provides ABB (Tianjin) with GB 12kV NAL switch disconnector.
    Lanhong provides ABB (Xiamen) with IEC 17.5kV NAL switch disconnector.
    Lanhong manufactures C4 load breaking switch of ABB, and resells to technology center in Germany.</span>
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